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Does the College provide accommodation or arrange a host family?

No, Leicester College has no student accommodation or host families. You will need to find your own suitable accommodation. We can provide a list of halls of residences and private shared houses. You will need to contact these accommodation providers yourself. Please contact the International Office for a contact list +44 (0)116 224 4111

Do my course fees include any accommodation cost?

No, the course fees do not include any cost for your accommodation.

Do I receive a bus pass from the College to help with travel cost?

No, but you can apply directly to local bus companies for a student bus pass. These normally cost between £100 and £150 for a three-month pass.

Am I allowed to work while studying?

Yes, if you have a Tier 4 General or Child Student Visa and are studying on a course that is at level 3 or above you are permitted to work 10 hours during term time and full time in the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays.

Am I entitled to any medical care?

If you are coming to study on a full time course for longer than six months you will be entitled to receive free medical care but you will have to pay for medicines prescribed by the doctor, dental treatment and eye care as any other resident in the UK.

If you are coming to study on a course for six months or less or are planning to visit other countries we would advise you to take out medical insurance in your own country before travelling to the UK. We will assist you to register with a doctor once you have enrolled on the course.

Is there any financial help available to overseas students?

No, the College does not have any funds available to help overseas students in financial hardship.

Is my £1,500 deposit refundable?

The deposit is only refundable if you have failed to get a student visa. You will need to send us the original visa refusal letter issued by the British Authorities before we can refund your money. We will keep £250 to cover the administration costs and refund the remainder.

Will the College help me appeal if my visa is refused?

No, we advise you to contact an Immigration Expert to help you with this. We do not appeal on anyone’s behalf or advise further with the appeal process.

Can I cancel my admission to Leicester College upon my arrival in the UK?

No, because under the Points Based System your visa is attached to an institution. It means if you decide to study at another institution you will firstly have to gain permission from the UK Border Agency by applying for a new visa before commencing your study at another institution.

We also report to the UK Border Agency if any person fails to enrol on a course within 10 days of the commencement date or fails to attend any lessons for 10 consecutive days after enrolment and during term-time.

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